About Seaful

People Protect What They Love
Jacques Cousteau


Seaful was founded in 2020 by Cal Major, with the help of Ocean Ambassadors, in response to our growing appreciation that we need to reach outside of our current environmental echo chambers in order to engage more people in the conversations around our planet’s health. It was also born from an appreciation of just how vital a connection to the natural world is in benefitting our mental health as a society.


Why It Matters

The ocean ecosystems produce half the oxygen we breathe, and are vital for regulating the planet’s temperature, water and food resources. No matter where we live, our health is intertwined with the health of the ocean.

The ocean is our planet’s life force, home to incredible and important creatures and plants, and the rivers and streams that run through our lands like arteries and veins connect us all to the sea. The ocean faces unprecedented threats from climate change, coral bleaching, over-fishing and plastic pollution and needs every single one of us to appreciate the importance of the ocean in our lives, and to stand up for its protection.


Being Mindful of the Sea

Time in, on or by the water is proven to be beneficial for our mental health and wellbeing. In a world increasingly disconnected from nature, and increasingly depressed and anxious, finding solace in our outdoor, particularly blue, spaces has never been more crucial.

The word Seaful is derived from being Mindful of the Sea. Mindful of its importance, of the way it feels to be there, and of what we can each do to help preserve and protect it. Our mission is to help more people to find their own personal, meaningful connection to the ocean, one which supports their wellbeing, and encourages more stewards of our blue planet. We hope to help more people become Seaful.

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