Vitamin Sea TV

Creating ocean connections through inspiring film and media, and educational resources to help more people become Ocean Citizens

Our Film Collections

Vitamin Sea TV is our selection of films to inspire viewers to care about and spend more time in blue spaces, educate about our amazing ocean and waterways, and empower to protect these precious places and ecosystems.

We host our films on YouTube, and encourage screenings at schools and events. We also run bespoke events such as film screenings with Q & As, Ask The Expert sessions and educational and inspirational talks from our founder and ambassadors.

Please get in touch if you would like to screen any of our films, or for more information about a bespoke event.


Seaful on YouTube

See all of our films and collections on YouTube – from inspiring films about our ocean and its inhabitants, to educational shorts, to resources on how to be an Ocean Citizen.

A selection of our films...


Species in 60 Seconds

Our collection of short films about amazing oceanic organisms.


Seaful Moments

A collection of beautiful short and immersive films to bring you your dose of Vitamin Sea wherever you are. Studies have shown that watching nature documentaries can be beneficial for mental health, and while we appreciate there’s no substitute for the real thing, we hope you enjoy taking a Seaful moment with peaceful ocean scenery, stunning wildlife, and underwater worlds


Ocean People

We are delighted to work alongside students on Falmouth University’s Marine and Natural History Photography course. We provide a brief and support for final year students, who have produced some wonderful pieces for Vitamin Sea TV. Ocean People is one such collection, where we meet the inspiring people for whom the ocean is more than just a body of water…

We hope you enjoy watching our selection of films. We are always working on new content to help inspire, educate and empower ocean connection and stewardship. If you would like to work with us on our film collection, or sponsor the production of a film, please get in touch.