We Create Digital joins as a 1% for the Planet partner

Written by We Create Digital.

We Create Digital is a small digital agency based in Essex – we focus on web design and development that is sustainable and accessible, in an attempt to minimise our environmental impact, while maximising audiences and inclusivity. 

Not many people think about how a website can have an impact on the environment. However, every website emits carbon and the internet is classed as a small country when it comes to its carbon footprint. We’ve called for Google to start considering the environmental impact of websites as a ranking factor, in an effort to incentivise companies to improve the sustainability of their sites. Without carrots such as this, we feel like there is little that will generate significant action.

As an organisation, we are trying to take a more proactive approach without such incentives. We recently joined 1% for the Planet and chose Seaful as one of our partners as we want to make a real commitment to having our business do more for the environment. We had previously created Seaful’s website for them at no cost at all, and continue to host it for free. However, we felt it was time we did more than just offer our services.

It is hard to go a single day without thinking, reading or talking about the environment. Whether it is hearing about the latest news from COP27 or finding out about an extreme weather event, it is clear the impact we are having on the environment is devastating. Yet, there is a danger of the discourse around the environment becoming banal and leading to insufficient action. 

We recognise that as a business there is more we could do and one way we are hoping to have a positive impact is through supporting incredible organisations such as Seaful. They are carrying out work that not only benefits the environment, but also our society more widely through the way they engage with different communities and individuals.

We love that Seaful has a clear mission and programme of work that is focused on building support for our oceans and waterways. In particular, their focus on working with young people and creating a new generation of ambassadors who can clearly advocate is crucial. They have a creative and considered approach and are always looking for new ways to extend their work. This appealed to us immensely, as we want to make sure the partner organisations we choose through 1% for the Planet are engaging in new ways that can hopefully cut through the noise. 

By joining 1% for the Planet and providing financial support to Seaful, we hope they can build on the inspiring work they’ve already carried out and increase their reach even further.